All our cut flower bouquets are transported in water, ensuring that they are as fresh as they can be when they arrive at their destination.

By using these straightforward care guidelines you’ll help your flowers to last longer and bloom brilliantly.

This is what you will require: pair of scissors, a awesome clean vase, tepid to warm water as well as your supplied flower food.

  1. Fill up your flower vase 50 percent full with tepid water (this will likely stimulate any of your flower’s buds to start to bloom) and include your ” special ” flower food.
  2. Get rid of all the product packaging from the flowers.
  3. Using your pair of scissors, slice 1-2 cm from each and every stem, keeping in mind to slice the flower stems with an angle allowing your flowers a bigger area to absorb water from.
  4. Remove any leaves from the flowers that drop beneath the water line to dissuade microorganisms.
  5. Organize your flowers and keep them from direct sunlight, heaters and fruit bowls.
  6. To increase the life span of one’s flowers keep your flower vase water level topped up frequently.
  7. Make sure you don’t forget to reuse your container once you have finished with it.

All vase arrangements have been prepared using water with added food so there’s no need to refill the vases when they arrive. Simply top up the vase daily with fresh water.