How to dehydrate flowers at home is must be learnt if anyone wants to decorate their environment with style and practicality.

According to the report by Pinterest, plants, flowers and sustainability are three of the main trends of decoration 2019. Therefore, it is possible to use and abuse dehydrated flowers in the decor of your home! 

In addition to aesthetically beautiful, they are resistant, environmentally friendly and can be used with aroma, to give your place a unique and unforgettable smell.

Check out the top ways to dehydrate the flowers to make your home even more beautiful.

3 Simple Ways to Dehydrate Flowers

There are several dehydration techniques, it all depends on the type of flower and the objective. The microwave is suitable for cases where there is a need to maintain color.

Already the most robust, like the roses, can be dehydrated naturally with the wind.

Regardless of the case, it is important that the flower is not too ripe to prevent it from shattering.

Dehydrate flowers in the microwave

Using your microwave is a quick and simple dehydration technique:
First, take firm, slightly open flowers and cut the stem up to 5 cm. Then place them face-up in a container with the desiccant product (silica gel, for example, which is great for color conservation). Then place more desiccant to ensure all petals are covered and open well with a toothpick. 
Put it in the microwave next to a glass of water and leave it for about two minutes. Note the consistency and remove when they are completely dry. 
Reserve for 24 hours, dry them very carefully and you’re done.¬†They are ready to decorate.

Drying with air

This is a longer, but very simple process. Remove excess foliage, cut the stem so that it does not get too long, tie the bottom and leave the flowers hanging upside down in a dark, windy place. This helps conserve color. 
After a few weeks, between two and three, check to see if they are dry. If yes, remove and finish with hair spray to increase stamina.

Pressed flowers

If you want to put your flowers in pictures, the press is the most suitable technique. 

Choose the desired species, preferably a mixture of voluminous and delicate, place small branches between sheets of newspaper with a simple paper to prevent the ink from passing to the petals. 

Pile everything and leave it in a dry, dark place for a week, with a weight on top to press. 

Repeat the process every week until they are 100% dry and ready.

Now it’s time to decide how to use your dehydrated flowers in the decoration and put your hand in the dough. Enjoy checking the contents available on our blog and find your perfect arrangement on our website!