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Sending flowers is the biggest and most beautiful tradition of Mother’s Day!

Flowers are the most remembered gifts on Mother’s Day. Why? For they are the best way of saying what you really feel and showing your affection and gratitude to the beauty and scent of flowers. All mothers love to receive flowers at this important date, because flowers are the gift that most touches the heart, demonstrating true and deep feelings. Love, affection and gratitude are some of the feelings that always translate when presenting with flowers and baskets.

No matter the distance, make yourself present with the message of flowers!

Even if you are in another city or another country, at our online flower shop you find ease and quality to gift all over Cape Town. No matter how far you are, sending your unique message through a card accompanied by flowers is worth a lot on such a special date! Enjoy the ease, security and peace of the online shopping to send your gift on Mother’s Day !

The History Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a very old holiday dating back to the days of Antiquity in Greece. The first day of mothers in Brazil was May 12, 1918. The tradition of sending presents on Mother’s Day is of Antiquity, but its trade is more recent. Sending a message along with a gift of flowers on Mother’s Day is a tradition of our culture and a tradition that every mother deserves.

The mother of all Gods in ancient Greece was Rhea. The inhabitants of Crete said that she was the mother of all creation and lived in the oaks of the forest of Arcadia well before the creation of the moon. In the Orpheus myth, she sits in front of the night cave sitting above a lion. Throughout Rome she was known in one form or another until the church finally officially adopted Mother’s Day in her calendar.

This recognition in South Africa occurred only in 1947. Mother’s Day is very special, both at that time and in the present day. Our mothers are responsible for the creation of our being. It carried us in the womb for months and began to take care of our infantile and defenseless body during the first years of life. As they grow up, mothers are always vigilant and patient with us, always there waiting for our return, our conversation, our embrace. Mother’s Day occurs as a phenomenon in many cultures regardless of contact with the Greek civilization. Mother’s day is born because people when they grow up, dedicate themselves 24/7 to the commitment of their studies and works.

The day to day consumes us with responsibilities and Mother’s Day frees us once a year from that stress. Mother’s day in England came into the middle-class community of the nineteenth century because the maids often lived far away so they stayed at her house almost all year round. In the festival related to the mothers, the incentive existed (on the part of the mistresses) so that they returned that day to review the mother. With the long distance between mothers and children of our system today, the gift market has facilitated the message Mother deserves. The American Anna Jarvis, fought a long time to create a national day of mothers day there; in the United States, and was finally created. Anna Jarvis brought the use of the carnation to Mother’s Day. Red carnations for those who still have the mother alive and white carnations for those who mourn their loss. However, she was unhappy with the uncontrolled commercialization of the market in selling gifts on cards. Her passion for the recognition of that day is commendable and an example to all of us.

It’s okay to send a simple gift card to your mother, or a simple phone call (which is sure to be the most important thing for her), but if you have the opportunity and conditions you can make this moment even more special and unforgettable. If we send flowers as a gift, and a beautiful message, it is important that these things be sent with true feeling! The Internet greatly facilitates the distance between people, and the speed of delivery with reliability is done responsibly as well; but our mother deserves a true feeling beyond all of this. Mother’s Day is a special day, reserved just for her. Choose the city where you want to send a Mother’s Day gift, we deliver beautiful flowers in almost all Brazil!

In 2019, Mother’s Day will be on May 12th (Sunday).

Pre-order your purchase to avoid disappointment. Order your flowers and baskets for Mother’s Dayearly. Deliveries can be scheduled for Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on your preference. Do not leave your purchase for the last hour, because on that date the demand is very great, and we limit the quantity of deliveries for each day in order to guarantee our standard of delivery quality and always offer beautiful and fresh flowers and gifts!