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We a unique catalog of decorative indoor plants to give as a gift. We deliver your indoor plant within 4hrs in Cape Town.
Buy plants online to make an original gift
If you really want to make a special gift and that lasts in time, The Cape Town Florist is your place. Discover our collection of plants and choose the one you like the most depending on the season and the reason for the gift. To buy an online plant to give as a gift is not only to give a living being to another special person, the beauty of giving an indoor plant is the transcendental meaning behind it.
When an anniversary, a birthday or a set date approaches, it is time to bet on a gift for life. Giving plants is like giving life. Plants establish a special bond with people and symbolize eternity, life and youth. Plants are full of joy and positivism. A place with plants is a happy place!
Do not hesitate to buy plants online to make a gift. Not only is it a wonderful gift, it’s also very cheap.
What kind of indoor plant give?
Orchid : It is one of the plants that are sent the most. It is usual to give it away when you want to give encouragement to someone who is going through a hard time. Sometimes they are given for love purposes.
Anthurium : This plant symbolizes hospitality and kindness. Placing an anthurium in a house when there are guests makes them feel at home.
Bonsai : They symbolize autonomy and freedom. They are given as a sign of friendship and aspiration to a long life.
Azalea : In the language of flowers and plants, azalea means mysterious happiness. It can be given as a gift to express love or passion.
Violet : Its beauty and its color invite calmness. It can be given to someone who is going through a stressful moment in his life, in order to wish him calm.
How to buy an online plant to deliver at home?
Visit our online flower store and discover our wonderful selection of indoor plants. We have a wide range that varies depending on the time of year: orchids, bonsai, anthuriums, azaleas, etc. In just a few clicks and a few minutes you can place your order. We take care of delivering it on the date and address that you indicate in any location in Cape Town. With The Cape Town Florist buying plants online is easier than ever.