Cerise Roses

Cerise Roses are a delightful floral gift to the one you love, Whether you wish to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. The Cape Town Florist has been providing South Africa with exquisite floral gifts for many years now. If you want to impress your loved ones in and around Cape Town, then we can provide you with the perfect gift delivery service that will exceed your every expectation. We can deliver flowers and gifts all over the Cape Town region via our local flower shops.

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When To Send Cerise Roses?

Cerise Roses are best suited for occasions that call for a more dramatic floral display with their dark colour and large scale. Their dark hue contrasts with the bright green foliage of liriope, bringing a dramatic contrast to your setting.

What’s the difference between a normal rose and a cerise rose?

The two most prominent features that distinguish Cerise Roses from other types of Roses are the petals and foliage. The floral petals of Cerise Roses have a bold colour, ranging from a vibrant pink to cherry red, along with wavy edges. The leaves displaying this shade of red are more oval and blunt at the tips than most other kinds of roses.