Wedding Flowers Cape Town

Here at The Cape Town Florist, our team will turn your wedding dreams into reality.  Inspired by you and your ideas, we will use our expert skills, passion for flowers, creativity and knowledge of the seasonal availability of flowers to give you the wedding that you have always dreamt of.

We will take care of all the floral arrangements, gazebo floral decor, table centerpieces, flower bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, confetti, church floral decor etc.

We also take care of the set up and breakdown of all the flowers and vases at a time convenient to you and your wedding venue.

All our vases and flower containers are available on a “Hire” basis which helps to bring down the costs and save you from sitting with lots of vases which you probably won’t use again.

Whatever the look you are wanting to create, be it Vintage Inspired, Classic, Elegant, Rustic, Granny Chic, Urban Chic or Pretty & Feminine we will advise you on colour schemes, containers, flower availability and floral art accessories.

We always keep ourselves updated on the latest floral trends and flower varieties to ensure that your wedding is fashionable & stylish.

Here are some of the top 10 flower trends for weddings.

  • Eco Blooms – using locally sourced flowers & foliage will not only reduce your environmental impact, but they will be fresher, hardier and more budget friendly.
  • Granny Chic – using old fashioned favorites such as Iris’s, Chrysanthemums and Dahlia’s will add a touch of nostalgia to your wedding. Add some charity shop finds, vintage lace, bone-handled china or quirky accessories to complete the look.
  • All shades of Pink – for a romantic, graceful feel use Peonies, Garden Roses and Lisianthus in shades of pink and apricot.
  • Living Plants & Favors -using a selection of spring bulbs and individually potted blooms will add an eco touch to your wedding.
  • Statement Decor – for a contemporary, original look opt for unique sculptural pieces.
  • Mixing Flowers with Food – you can transform simple cakes, salads and water filled pichers by adding a handful of  fresh, non-toxic and preferably edible flowers or berries.
  • Recycling ( or up-cycling) – use antique tea tins, ginger jars, metal tins, silver tea cups or everyday items will add a modern touch to a vintage inspired wedding.
  • Bold, Bright Flowers – are back in fashion.
  • Cool Containers – selecting the right containers to display your flowers is as important as selecting the right flowers. The containers you choose will help to create the right mood and ambiance.
  • Mirrors – mirrors can help to make the most out of simple flower displays by reflecting and creating a flattering light.