Many times we do not choose to surprise with a bouquet of roses as it seems a very ephemeral gift. A few days and the flowers begin to wilt soon. What was once a beautiful bouquet, in a few days we have to throw it away. However, there are conservation techniques for our beautiful bouquets that will prevent us from having to throw them away. In today’s post, we will give you some of the most popular tricks to keep roses longer. Do not miss it!

How to preserve natural roses

If you have given us a bouquet of roses and we want to keep it in perfect condition as long as possible, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Cut the end of the stems diagonally (with sharp knife or pruner, not with scissors) and place the roses in water.
  2. The vase should have a minimum of 7-10 centimeters of cold water. We must place it in an area with light but without direct sun exposure.
  3. If the leaves of the roses are going to be covered by water, we must remove them or remove some water. Leaves that remain underwater will wilt faster and promote the appearance of bacteria.
  4. Change the water daily and cut the stems diagonally to improve absorption.

After following the basic steps, there are additional recommendations that will prolong your natural life. For example, we can add an aspirin or a spoonful of sugar to give our roses extra nutrients. Finally, we can add to our water about 3-4 drops of vodka, since it inhibits the growth of bacteria.

How to preserve dried roses

If we want our bouquet to be preserved forever we can take several precautions. It is important that any process we follow, be done with the bouquet as fresh as possible, so that the roses are preserved with greater beauty.

  1. Cut the stem as much as we can since the flowers with short stems dry before.
  2. Hang the roses upside down, with the petals facing the floor.
  3. Let dry 2-3 weeks in a room without direct and dry light.
  4. Apply spray lacquer at the end of drying to protect them from the passage of time.

Keep the roses with glycerin

This process is a bit more cumbersome but will guarantee us to have a perfect bouquet of roses for months. To conserve our roses in glycerin we will have to follow these steps:

  1. Crush the ends of the stems with a hammer.
  2. Mix two parts of water with one of glycerin. Stir over low heat until the glycerin dissolves.
  3. Introduce the roses in the glycerin mixture and let stand for 2 to 4 weeks.

When the roses have absorbed the glycerin completely, we will have an intact bouquet that will last in perfect condition for months.

Where to buy a bouquet of roses

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We are sure that this post will be very useful for you since the recipient will be so pleasantly surprised that he will never want to get rid of your bouquet.